Cute girls with emo haircuts

A new video of a whole bunch of cute emo girls with cute emo hair cuts.

Need we say more?

Scene hair? Emo hair? Not emo? emo? Love the music, hate the music?

We heard it all before. Just enjoy the video hey?

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Haircuts: too emo or not too emo?

I've had some interesting comments back up in the moderation queue lately for this blog. Aside from the positive feedback, there's a number of comments that basically say:

"You're crazy, emo isn't <x> it's <y>".

The funny thing is for just about every person who thinks that "emo" is a type of musical genre, there is another person who think that's bullshit, and "emo" is really about being depressed, sad and dressing and clothing yourself appropriately.

What does this have to do with emo haircuts? I'm glad you asked.

If I've learned anything with this blog, it's that emo haircuts are either exactly like the examples on this blog


I've got myself confused and we're really talking about "scene kids".

Frankly, who gives a shit? Why people get so hung up on what to call a person with bright pink hair or black clothes is beyond me.

Thanks for all the love and hate mail though, you guys make my day!

My Bloody Valentine.  Emo haircuts?
My Bloody Valentine: emo haircuts?

Warrant, definitely NOT emo haircuts.

Warrant. Definitely NOT emo haircuts. But just about as fucking scary.

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